Tuesday, May 8, 2018

New Orleans Food Experiences Plus Tips!


A key component to a good traveling experience is the food. Experiences are comprised of the sounds, the sights, smells, and tastes we partake in. Tastes evoke in us memories and with that, they bring back joy and pleasure. I can say with absolute confidence that my favorite cultural food experience was in New Orleans. So I wanted to share some must try foods and some traveling tips as well which are especially practical for those that want to get the most out of their experience, but not break the bank because frankly, eating out in New Orleans is not cheap.


The first food picture above is the popular Muffaletta. I got the veggie one. Tip number one is call for a reservation when dining in New Orleans or get there really early to get your name on the list. We got in a whole 45 minute walk while waiting. Katie’s Restaurant and Bar did have parking, but it was limited as is most parking in New Orleans. I ended up getting the half which as you can tell was of ginormous proportions! That saved me money because as you can see the half was $12 and the whole $17. I even had enough left over for breakfast. Added bonus.



For a mid-day treat, we made a stop at the Croissant D’or. A most delightful choice. I was thrilled with the almond croissant. It was sweet, buttery, and a melt in your mouth texture. It reminded me of a bear claw as far as taste goes. There is plenty to choose from though as you will see below! There is a whole other display case too that I didn’t show.




You simply cannot go to New Orleans without trying their Beignets. The iconic and one of the most well know places to get one is at Cafe Du Monde, but be prepared to stand in a line that will take hours to get through if you go in the morning. No Joke. During a bus tour, they made a stop at the Morning Call cafe. It was still absolutely delicious, but a lot faster. It also is a 24-hour coffee shop.



Another dish that New Orleans is famous for is Gumbo. I was told by a couple friends that it is a must to fully experience the culture of New Orleans. It is a Creole dish and I was very pleased with the experience, service, and price of the Gumbo Shop. Mine even had a crab leg which I felt made it even more authentic. You will also have plenty of opportunities to buy a Gumbo mix around the French Quarter.




Our final meal was at The Rum House. I went for the food, but for those that drink, there are plenty of options. I wanted something unique so I went for the Tiger Bait and Bison tacos. They had quite the spicy kick, but oh so good. Be sure your good with spicy foods before diving into some of these tacos.



These are just a few of the delicious dining options in New Orleans. If you just do a little bit of googling and review reading, you are sure to have very pleasing experiences. So Bon Appetit!

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