Sunday, January 6, 2013

Seneca Park Zoo in Rochester, NY


The Seneca Park Zoo in Rochester is an excellent place to take the family. I visited the zoo with my Dad, sister, and extended family. It is well kept and the experience comes alive as the animals each live in a realistic replica of their natural habitat. The zoo is home to about 300 animals and is 15-acres in size. It is rich in diversity and a zoo that makes animal observation exciting. 

angry bird

This bald eagle seems to capture “Angry Birds” in real life. I must have ruffled some of his feathers by taking his picture.

The zoo has two male bald eagles that each sustain wing injuries from the wild, leaving them unable to fly. This majestic bird of prey in the past was in danger of extinction because of the extensive use of DDT pesticide and hunting. Thankfully, action was taken and on June 28, 2007, and the bald eagle was removed from the Federal List of Endangered and Threatened Wildlife and Plants. Conservation is still in place to insure the bald eagle remains safe.


This is a Snowy Owl. An interesting fact I uncovered is that a snowy owl can consume three to five lemmings a day which is approximately 1,600 lemming a year.


This Bornean orangutan was quite clever. He decided it was time for a mid-morning snack and used a stick to capture some insects.

eating bug



This golden lion tamarin is about to spring into action.

love birds

Red-lored Amazon parrot


I found it funny that the Zoo considers Roscoe and Bill bachelors because of their age. 


These two female African elephants are ready for a nap too. Earlier, one of the elephants was eating lunch which consisted of bagels and a green pepper. Well, the elephant decided green peppers were not for her and tossed the pepper to the side. I don’t blame her!

The rest of the animals that deserve their moment of glory.


Our last stop was the gift shop. I highly recommend the Seneca Park Zoo if you ever pass through or live in Rochester, New York.