Monday, November 24, 2014

Trees of Rare Form at Architectural Trees Farm


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John Monroe is the owner of Architectural Trees Farm. It was during the 9th annual Eastern Triangle Farm Tour that my family was able to get a very informative tour of the unique and ornamental trees that make the farm a one of a kind place. John Monroe is a dedicated tree farmer that has turned a hundred year old tobacco farmstead into a micro-nursery where incredible ornamental trees are able to take root and flourish before being bought by customers. His passion for what he does was evident and made this tour my favorite. The trees are wonderful additions to landscape designs. Every tree had a story and a personality it seemed. Weeping forms of trees allowed the onlooker to feel sorrow and the whimsical trees took my imagination into a story book destination. 

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Hundreds of trees cover 5 acres of the 38 acre property.

Read more about John Monroe in “Our State North Carolina” magazine.


Covered greenhouse provide a protective barrier for the trees.

Featuring the Trees: “The Stars of the Show”

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John Monroe gave an animated description for each tree. Each tree had a story or something they reminded him of. Some of them looked like trees you would see in Dr. Suess books. Below are pictures of my favorites.

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There were even some fruit trees! Of course they had special qualities. This one smelled like roses.

Contest: Guess this tree!


What do you think this tree is that was at the farm? Write your answer as a comment and in a couple weeks I’ll give the answer.

Answer: Redwood Tree