Sunday, August 20, 2017

Ascension to Chicago 360

Chicago 360

I thrive on adventure, going places, meeting new people. I’ve said yes to eating the hottest pepper in the world and going out on a piece of glass (the skydeck) to look straight down at the Chicago city below. The competition to the Sky Deck, meet the Chicago 360. It’s home is the John Hancock Center, a 100-story, 1,228-foot building. That’s a lot of floors! Designed by Brue Graham and engineered by Fazlur Khan, this building was brought to a completion on May 6, 1968. It was at the time the second tallest building in the word. It now holds the title of the eighth-tallest building in the US.

IMG_8233 - Copy

The views are remarkable. You get to look out to an all around view of the city, see up to four states, and look a distance of 80 miles out.


IMG_8234 - Copy

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Some may say that facing your fears is the best way to cure them and I find it to be true. I have a “slight” dislike of heights and figured that going on the Chicago 360 and then the Sky Deck (a jump up from the 360) was a great way to cure those feelings. I can proudly say that on top of being 94 floors up, I was tilted outward over the city of Chicago, 1,030 feet to be exact. It was only a couple minutes for $7, but well worth the experience. Just don’t be embarrassed like me by being called out while trying to take a picture with your phone. I was so mesmarized that I didn’t realize that they were talking to me until they started counting. Super embarrassing, but what’s a good story without some personal accounts?