Friday, February 7, 2014

Elizabeth’s Secret Garden 3rd Book on Traveling Across United States

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December, 2013, I completed my New Year’s resolution which was to self-publish my third book. Writing three books has and continues to be a journey.  It takes a lot of work to start from scratch and create a book worthy of being published. For my book, I traveled to several states, compiled a photography collection, gathered information, went on private tours to get behind the scenes information, and now I’m learning all that is involved with promoting my book. All my blog readers, friends, and family are who have inspired me and kept me going. Writing requires dedication and without all of you, I simply couldn’t stay motivated. The purpose of this entry is to give you a sneak peak into my book with the hope that you would support my work by purchasing a copy. The money I make will help cover my expenses.

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As I traveled across the United States, I was able to experience so many dynamics of nature. From water falls, to wildlife, and unique natural formations. My book assists the reader in fully experiencing the natural attractions through colorful photos and my personal accounts.

Niagara Falls

Popular travel locations like Niagara Falls, Lake Tahoe, and Yosemite are included in my book. Facts gathered from research help to make my book educational and informative.

Rabbit Run Farm

I was able to go on a private tour of Rabbit Run Farm and learn all the cool advantages of growing hydroponically. The neatest part is there is no need for dirt just mineral nutrient solutions in water. The nutrients are fed directly to the roots causing the plants to grow more quickly. Plants grown hydroponically can grow in gravel, sand, water, and even air! After writing an entry about Rabbit Run Farm, they listed the blog entry I wrote about the farm on their press page.,_LLC./Press.html

US Botanic Garden1US Botanic Garden2

My book contains 19 different gardens, butterfly conservatories, and farms. The total pages count is 54 which includes 38 tours of state parks, national parks, gardens, butterfly conservatories, and farms. There is so much to discover within the pages of my book.

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