Friday, September 11, 2009

Butterfly Pavilion in Albuquerque New Mexico Botanic Gardens

Rio Grande Botanic Garden 

In Albuquerque, New Mexico they have a BioPark. At the Rio Grande Botanic Gardens you can see a miniature train, aquarium, and even a butterfly pavilion.


The park host a Butterfly Pavilion open spring through fall.


Inside the pavilion are many butterflies that are native to North America and also their host plants. The pavilion is constructed of wood beams, window screening, and wooden walk ways. Underneath is a stream that contributes to the peaceful garden.


New Mexico has many of the same butterflies we have in Florida where I live.

IMG_1526 IMG_1527

This Monarch and Queen are enjoying the sweet nectar of Lantana.


This Giant Swallowtail is posing for the picture.


A White Peacock butterfly! I got to raise eight of them and released them in our yard.


This is a Pipevine Swallowtail.

IMG_1537 IMG_1539

The Zebra Longwing and Julia Heliconian both eat Purple Passionvines. They live only in warm states.


This amazing giant dragon covered in ivy protecting his castle greets you at the garden.


In the garden there is a miniature train track that crosses over a stream.

Disiney characters

The picture of the train crossing the bridge was my favorite train picture until I saw this one. After studying the picture closely I realized that the passengers in the train are fictional characters! The Seven Dwarfs, characters from Wallace and Gromit, Winnie the Pooh characters, and I think one is Herbie The Love Bug.


  Next stop, Aquarium


God has filled the Earth with so many amazing creatures. Just look at this GIANT grouper fish!


This is my favorite picture at the aquarium. Jellyfish are made up of more than 90% water. Jellyfish can swim in swarms of hundreds or even thousands! They come in so many different sizes and colors. Some are so pretty they take your breath away. (I searched pictures of colorful jellyfish on the internet). Who would think such simple creatures (almost all water) could be so pretty.


Here is a Sea Turtle. Unfortunately its head was looking the other way! Sea Turtles are endangered and need protection.

I wanted to end my post with beautiful pictures of New Mexico.

IMG_1573  The Jemez Trail takes you through the mountains. The picture above shows the layers of dirt exposed on the side of the mountain.


We found this tunnel down a one way road that goes through the mountain only to look over a cliff with a river running below.


IMG_1602 IMG_1595

The Jemez Mountain Trail also has Jemez State Monument, Jemez Springs, Soda Dam, Bandelier National Monument, Los Alamos (where the atom bomb was made) and many other museums.

I will also let you in a secret, there are REAL cowboys walking around in cowboy boots and hats. My mom bought me a set for Christmas and I can’t wait to post you a picture of them!

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  1. Elizabeth,

    Thank you for sharing photos and stories from your visit to the ABQ BioPark! Your blog is wonderfully written and your photos are beautiful. I love how you pay attention to all of the insects in your garden, including the tiny hover fly!

    We are planning to build a "Bugarium" and Phase 2 will include a Tropical Butterfly House. We hope you'll visit again in a couple years to see it! Do let us know if you plan another visit, and we'll get you connected to our Curator of Entomology.

    Best regards,
    Amy Landers
    On behalf of Albuquerque BioPark Information