Tuesday, November 3, 2009

My Trip to Talking Rock, Georgia


My family went on an adventure to Talking Rock, Georgia. We stayed at a friends cabin www.gingerscabin.com . The beautiful cabin over looked mountains. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Iy0Ey9-Dyyw Through the tall windows we could see the changing colors of the leaves. We got to venture through the forests to look for leaves, insects, plants, animals, and bears.


After climbing down a steep hill we began are journey through the forest. A long brook is running underneath the tree I’m sitting on.IMG_2472 IMG_2413

My dad even joined in our adventure. He inserted sticks in holes in search for sleeping animals.

IMG_2467 IMG_2501

We saw sheep and snails.



This forest habitat is home to many animals. Including wild turkeys, deer, bear, birds, and many others. We need to protect this habitat God has made us stewards of. It was sickening to find litter along the trails thrown out by careless people.


Fungi is found everywhere. It grows in your backyard and on hidden logs. Fungi is very important for breaking down dead organic materials. These beautiful fungi are breaking down a old log.


Moss grows in damp places on rocks and trees. It felt like a soft fuzzy creature. Moss amazingly produces no flowers.


During our stay in Georgia the last wild flowers were dying and colored leaves were dropping from the sky. We searched for animals and insects, but only saw wild turkeys, fire ants, and crows. So where were the bears and all the forest dwelling animals? After researching I learned that during fall animals begin to sleep. Butterflies and birds migrate to warmer weather and bears begin hibernation in October.


Get your head out of the hay and make a trip to Georgia. Experience nature and get away from the city. I suggest coming in spring or summer to see the most wild life. Please remember not to litter so you and the wild life will be happy!

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