Saturday, January 30, 2010

Costa Rica Jungle After Dark, January 13, Part 3

The Costa Rica jungle comes awake as the last ray of sunlight lays to rest behind the mountains. The night is so black that you can not see your hand in front of your face. (Note: A flashlight is a must after dark) The animal and insect world wakes the silence of the dark by singing, chirping, and screaming as an invitation to others of their kind to join them.


This small cicada has the ability to make the loudest song in the insect world. To find out why, click on the following link. 

I woke my mom about five times the first night and an average of twice a night to reassure me that everything was fine in our tree house bedroom. The screens covering our windows did keep most creatures out, but did not prevent the loud symphony of nature voices to sing us to sleep. It only took an hour of wind and nature noises as well as objects falling on the tin roof, to realize our investment into earplugs was a good one. There still was the shadow, I thought was a large spider attacking me, as well as the numerous trips to the bathroom that earplugs couldn’t prevent!

bag on head

To make the trip to the shower more exciting, I practiced balancing our bathroom bag on my head.

So what is the big deal about going to the bathroom anyway. Okay, let me tell you and you decide! First, I had to climb down from my loft bed in the dark without killing myself on the steps. Then I had to wake my mom up, since she had in earplugs, I had to shake her leg. After she recovered from the scare, that I wasn’t a large monkey kidnapping her from our tree house bedroom, we would then have to hunt for the flashlight.


Next, I would shake out my boots, remembering the scorpion previously found in someone else's boot, and slide open the big wood door. My mom and I would check out the balcony for creatures with our flashlight before proceeding to the stairs. This giant roach was one of our balcony companions. We slowly descended the stairs checking each step. We had to navigate around the dance studio dodging sleeping dogs and large toads.

large toadcentipede

If this wasn’t excitement enough to wake you up, then we had to evaluate our choices of outdoor stalls, to ensure ourselves there was no unwanted guests. After a few nights of uneventful trips to the outhouses, a wood bee and roach decided to visit me at the same time! So what would you do if a large roach is climbing around your feet, while at the same time a wood bee thinks you have invaded its home. My mom was standing guard on the outside, watching my feet going up and down at the same time I was ducking my head! She was trying to get me out, but I was not ready to leave. So imagine us trying not to laugh, while everyone else, also in open air bedrooms, were sleeping nearby. Surviving this night time experience gave me an appreciation for the convenience of an indoor pest free bathroom a few steps from my own bedroom!

Elizabeth’s Travel Tips: Bring organic soaps, shampoos, deodorant, sun tan lotion, and make up, to be eco friendly.


Click on the photo to enlarge it and see the brands we used. Any of the liquids can be put in 3 oz. container for traveling.

I am waiting on a HD system to arrive so I can convert my HD videos filmed in Costa Rica. Thank you for your patience. I will upload them as soon as it arrives.

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  1. Oh Heavens! LOL! First, I can only imagine your poor mom's shock as you shake her leg in the pitch black night to wake her...then to march through a black jungle night to the bathroom?!?! You are a brave pair of ladies! My luck would be to step on a huge toad while trying to avoid the roach! LOL! You're writing is so entertaining and informative, I'll be proud to tell everyone "I read her blog way back when..." when you are even more famous someday. Excellent job!