Friday, February 12, 2010

Riding the Rivers in Costa Rica, January 14, 2010, Part 3


In my Tuga  swimwear and hat, I began my journey to a local river in Costa Rica. The walk took 25 minutes down a dirt path through the jungles. Along the way, I got to meet children from the village and give them miniature stuffed animals.

In Costa Rica, the average temperature year around is about 85 degrees Fahrenheit. The UV rays are so intense that you can burn in less than 20 minutes. While I was in Costa Rica, I wore long sleeves and long pants the whole times to protect my white skin! My only protection in the water was my Tuga swimwear which is  50+ UPF of blocking 97.5% of UV rays. Tuga has the highest quality of UV protective products for children and adults. I arrived home as white as when I left, but my mom who wasn’t wearing Tuga protection, arrived home with sunburns! 

My Blue Morpho 16th Birthday Dance

To celebrate my 16th birthday, which is the day of this posting February 12th, 2010, I have posted my Blue Morpho dance. The day I performed was actually the day I filmed the rarest Blue Morpho (Morpho amathonte) on January 16, 2010. I had spent five days climbing through the waterfalls in the jungles with my cameras. I was armed with dogs to scare away poisonous snakes and a whistle for my call of 911. I was eventually awarded for my efforts by successfully filming several videos of the Blue Morpho. These videos were the inspiration for my Blue Morpho Birthday Dance. At the end of the dance below, is my first Blue Morpho footage.

Elizabeth’s Travel Tips: The sun in Costa Rica is very intense so having UV protection is important. I wear Tuga products which can be purchased at .


  1. I really enjoyed this post, Elizabeth. Hope your birthday was great! You are so creative, and it's really cool to see someone so young with so much dedication to nature and culture. It's nice to see a teenager who cares about such things. (I didn't know you were so young!) Beautiful dance! Glad you got to see the Blue Morpho.

  2. Great video. Now I really want to go to Costa Rica again and see the Blue Morpho in the wild. Thanks for sharing your beautiful dance. It shows how hard you work at your craft. I wish I could dance.