Friday, May 14, 2010

Tapanti National Park 3/12/10 Part 1


Our next destination was Tapanti National Park.  To get to the park we had to drive through coffee plantations, sugar cane fields, past a volcano, over mountains, and across old bridges. We daringly crossed the bridge above using great caution. We had to slowly drive on narrow wooden planks to make it across. What an adventure! You can imagine that we were thrilled after surviving the bumpy pot holed gravel roads (4 wheel drive needed) and making it to Tapanti National Park.

Information about Tapanti National Park.                    ,-reserves-and-protected-areas/tapanti-national-park/


The park was founded on February 1982 and is 12,500 acres. It is located in the Oriosi Valley 90 minutes from San Jose, Costa Rica. The protected rainforest is in the northern Talamanca mountain range.

The park contains 45 species of mammals and 260 kinds of birds including the spectacular Quetzal! The park is also home to 28 species of reptiles. Another interesting fact I learned, is that the area in which the park is located, is one of the rainiest areas in all Costa Rica. It receives an annual rainfall of 250 to 300 inches! The heaviest months of rainfall is May and October.

IMG_5230 The trail 2

One of my goals that day was to photograph different species of butterflies, particularly a Clearwing butterfly. I also wanted to get close up video footage of the waterfall at Tapanti. My parents and I decided to take the La Pava trail to reach the waterfall. In my next posting I will share photos of the waterfall and videos of my journey!

Insects and Plants Along the Way

Heraldica Clearwing

Above is a Heraldica Clearwing! It has been one of my dreams to photograph a Clearwing in its natural habitat.

  Rusty-tipped Page

Brown Siproeta butterfly (Spiroeta epaphus)


Protographium Calliste albius

Elizabeth’s Traveling Tips: Most of Costa Rica’s National Parks only cost a $1 for students and children.

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