Friday, July 2, 2010

Blessed Earth, “Serving God, Saving the Planet”

Hope for Creation

As a special event at Northland Church to celebrate Earth Day, the founders of Blessed Earth were invited to speak. Blessed Earth is a nonprofit which was founded by the Sleeth family in response to the need for a healthier planet. They responded to God’s calling by starting the journey of a more simple life style and caring for God’s creation in the process. The Sleeths’ share their vision with colleges, churches, and media. In the last two years, they have spoken more than 850 times!

The Sleeths’ share their vision to churches of the changes they can make to help the environment such as conducting energy audits on their buildings, installing rain barrels, using green cleaning products, using reusable dishes and instead of disposables, recycling, and creating community gardens. These changes help churches to save money and put towards other needs.

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Booths at Northland gave brochures with eco friendly tips. Above, I am standing by the table which was selling books about living “green”. I also had an opportunity to show them my eco bag hand knitted by recycling plastic bags. For my pattern 


Here are the purchases we made. Starting on the left is a book by Matthew Sleeth’s daughter, Emma Sleeth. It is titled “It’s not easy being green.” This is a book for youth who want to make a positive difference in the environment. In the middle is a environmentally friendly Bible made with mixed sources from well-managed forests, controlled sources and recycled wood or fiber. The third book on the right is “Serve God Save The Planet” by Matthew Sleeth. It includes practical ways to to be caretakers of God’s beautiful creation.

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  1. I will look for these books, sound fun to read. I just got back from a week out on the prairie, with a close encounter with a baby skunk. I make a kissy sound to get my dog to come, and at 3am it wasn't a noise to use. Mother skunks make the same sound to call their young, and I had to literally push it back so not to have it in my tent.HA!Will have a skunk post coming at my blog.