Friday, September 3, 2010

Agricultural Museum in Palm Coast, Florida


The Florida Agricultural Museum is located 17 miles south of St. Augustine, Florida in Palm Coast. Guided farm tours are available Wednesday through Sunday. The tour attractions include a fully stored pioneer homestead from the 1890s, a dry goods store from the turn-of-the-century, a dairy barn, and restored buildings from a 1930s citrus business. To make the transport comfortable, visitors can ride on tractor-pulled trailers to each exhibit. It is a bit bumpy, but is nicely shaded from the harsh sun. 


Our first stop was at a homestead from the 1890s which would have been used by the Florida Crackers. This shelter is one of the typical homes that would have been built by Florida and Georgia settlers. The wide porch and slanted roof provided protection from the sun and kept the house cool since there was no air conditioners in those days.

Indoor Tour



IMG_6176 IMG_6177

The kitchen was a separate room from the house. This kept excess heat out of the living area and was an extra precaution in case a fire started.

IMG_6178 IMG_6175

Pumpkins, corn, and other food crops were grown right outside the house in the garden. The picture to the right show the chicken coop that would have been used at the time. Muscadine grape vine are grown up the wire to keep the coop cooler. The vines benefit from the chicken droppings and the chickens are rewarded with fallen grapes. Cracker cattle & horses, donkeys, and mules are also raised on the farm. The museum raises the rare Cracker cattle and horses to conserve the heritage of these livestock breeds.

Sugar Cane Production


Sugar cane was a major crop of Cracker farmers.
It was mashed in this grinder above to begin the
syrup extraction process.

IMG_6184 fire  

To collect the syrup, it was heated above a fire in a large round basin. A compartment on the side held fire wood to start the fire. Sugar cane was a treat for the settlers to use in candy and as a condiment. It took 7 to 10 gallons of raw cane juice boiled down to get 1 gallon of thick syrup.

General Store

IMG_6187 IMG_6195

The 1890s general store is a peek into the past for those who rely on modern grocery stores for merchandise. The general store had everything from an antique cash register to the old fashioned checkers game. Antiques lined the wall and on the counter were old catalogs that would have been used for ordering items back in the day.  We can be thankful that all we have to do is drive to the nearest Wal-mart and almost everything is before us including several brands to choose from!

Elizabeth’s Traveling Tips: To see more attractions and activities, visit during a festival.

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  1. Elizabeth, This is a wonderful article about The Ag Museum aka The Farm to those who love it and volunteer there. My husband and I fell in love with the Ag Museum when we were introduced to the herd of horses as volunteers for the twice daily feeds and haying. Thank you for sharing your thoughts. You are a very talented and well versed young lady. Good luck on all you future adventures. Jeanne Steele