Friday, December 10, 2010

Seneca Falls Historical Society Museum in Seneca Falls, NY


The mansion above is now the site of the Seneca Falls Historical Society Museum. It is located at 55 Cayuga Street in Seneca Falls. This 23 room mansion actually began as a one room wooden structure. It was Ellen Partridge who purchased the home in 1880 and renovated it to the current Queen Anne style. The Victorian home was purchased by the Becker family in 1890 who lived in it until Florence Becker sold it to the Seneca Falls Historical Society in 1962.

IMG_7092 IMG_7112

Above are two structures that are visible in the mansion's backyard. To the left is the Seth Thomas clock that at one time sat upon the Hoskins Block as the town clock. To the right is the original Gothic Revival tool shed.


The mansion is furnished with original items that were owned by the Partridge and Becker families as well as reproduced decorations that would have been used during the time period. The drawing room pictured above was used by the family for special occasions.

tea set 

My favorite article in the house was the china tea set that at one time was located in the White House. It had been purchased during the Monroe administration, but then was given to Judge Sackett by the Secretary of State William Seward.

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The dining room was decorated in the Tudor style. It was once the area where the family would have enjoyed meals together and discussed events that had occurred during their day. The photo the the right depicts the fireplace which is decorated with a sunflower motif that was commonly used for decoration throughout the house.


The kitchen would have been the scene of much activity. I can only imagine how many hours the house servants must have spent in the kitchen as they prepared each meal. The main attraction and heart of the kitchen would have been the cast iron stove above. It had 6 burners and a side tank for a supply of hot water. What I found most interesting was that the tiles by the stove had worn of their pattern due to the servants walking over them so much.

IMG_7103 IMG_7104

To the left is ice box which probably would have been kept separate from the kitchen since it was so hot in there. The gadget to the right is an old fashioned coffee grinder which was also used during the time period.


The Butler’s Pantry was located near the dining room. It was where final preparations for food would have taken place. The pantry’s features included a copper sink and marble counter top. The pantry also served as storage for china, silver, and glassware. From here the dishes received finishing touches right before being served to the family.


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