Friday, February 18, 2011

Butterfly Conservatory in Arenal, Costa Rica


The Butterfly Conservatory is situated in the beautiful habitat that surrounds the Arenal Volcano and lake. The Butterfly Conservatory is a Rainforest Regeneration Project that is working towards restoring the native species around Arenal volcano and preserving the ecosystem that is essential for their survival. They believe that education of visitors and locals is an important step in the process of regenerating our rainforests and its biological diversity.

The Butterfly Conservatory demonstrates different strategies that can be applied in the process of preserving our rainforests. They have their own laboratories, reproduction greenhouses, exotic frog habitats, plant nurseries, botanical gardens, orchid atrium, and even organic composting! All of these exhibits serve as a source of education as they are studied by students, tourists, and scientists from around the world.


Click on the link below to watch the Youtube video I created of the Arenal Butterfly Conservatory. 


Preserved specimens give a glimpse into the rich butterfly and insect diversity that inhabit Costa Rica.


Crawling insects, hairy spiders, and flying bugs all make their home in the area surrounding Arenal. It is great observing them behind glass, but meeting up with one this insects while they are still alive is another story!

IMG_7941 IMG_7942 

IMG_7943 Along the garden trails and rainforest river walk is a spectacular display of ornamental and medicinal plants. They each are unique and many burst with color. The red flowers are especially attractive to hummingbirds.


Host and nectar plants are propagated to provide food for hungry caterpillars and nectar sipping butterflies.

IMG_7996 IMG_7997

Reproduction nurseries provide a site for rearing caterpillars into butterflies.

Butterfly Photos


Malachite butterfly

butterfly 2

Heliconius Doris Red


Julia Butterfly


Isabella Butterfly

butterfly 3

This species looks like a leaf! This camouflage comes to use in the rainforest when predators are around.

Frog Exhibit



The exotic frog exhibit provides an environment that is similar to their natural habitat in the wild.

frog 2 frog

Elizabeth’s Traveling Tips: For a travel friendly stay up the road from the Butterfly Conservatory, I recommend Essence Arenal 

essence arenal


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