Saturday, August 27, 2011

Smithsonian National Zoo in Washington D.C Part 2

A Baby Gorilla

Gorillas make there home in Africa. Newborn gorillas weigh only about 3-4 pounds compared to 6-8 pounds of human babies. Gorillas can walk before they are nine months old. Until they can walk they ride on there mother’s backs piggy back style. Like human babies, they are mischievous and always anxious to explore.

Gorillas eat paper? Who would of guessed? I guess we learn something new everyday.

Gorillas are herbivores and have a diet that consists of leaves, shoots, roots, vines, and fruits. Apparently though they also like paper bags! I guess we learn something knew every day.

This is a Silverbacked Gorilla.

Adult male gorillas are known as ‘silverbacks’ because of the distinctive silver colored hair on their backs. They are often referred to as the mountain gorilla. They average up to six feet talk compared to the females who are up the five feet tall. Silver backs are majestic and self sacrificing when it comes to protecting there group. Giving up life is a huge sacrifice for these gentle and shy animals. 

This monkey is busy grooming his friend. 

Lion Tamarins name derives from their impressive mane of hair. They are beautiful with their abundance of golden hair. It looks even more impressive when the light hits it. They are critically endangered due to Brazil’s Atlantic coastal rain forests disappearing from logging, agriculture, and industry. Part of the reason I write is to encourage others to protect the creation God has given us. Simple acts such as recycling, reusing, and buying eco friendly products can make a huge impact. One of my favorite sayings is “Use it up, wear it out, make it do, or do without.” Whenever I’m tempted to take the easy way, I remember that saying.


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I’m not quite sure what these creature are, but they look aggressive with their devious expressions.

monkey 2

Red Ruffed Lemurs are endangered as is a theme with many animals in the zoo. It is so sad that people treat nature as if it has enough to use carelessly which is not the case. It is such a precious resource which when gone cannot be brought back. But when properly cared for can regenerate and recover. This is the bright side. Try buying local food, products with less packaging, and remember to recycle. Isn’t it worth it? If I encourage just I few to take action, it was worth while.

lemur sign

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I hope you enjoyed this blog entry. Please check next week to see more of the animals and exotic birds. Future blog entries will include and inside peek in the Capital, Library of Congress, gardens, and monuments. Have a great week!

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