Saturday, October 29, 2011

My Body Green Natural Face and Body Lotion


The handmade lotions are a blend of natural herbs, oils, emollients, and enzymes that help to balance the pH levels of skin. It leaves the skin feeling refreshed as it releases nutrients and antioxidants. My favorite is the peppermint because it leaves my skin with a cool feeling and tingling as well. You can purchase their products at

My Body Green, founded by Edgar Guzman and Kevin Hutchinson specializes in natural lotions for the hands and body. They also sell Eco-lyzer and natural fertilizer which boosts the growth of plants and seedlings.



Eco-lyzer is sold in Naples at an environmental store located at the Gateway Center on Tamiami Trail. IMG_4098

Here I am with Edgar Guzman and beside us is his herb garden. He is growing a variety of plants like lemon grass and peppermint.


Here is the lab where experimenting takes place. They create new samples here. After trying out their lotions, I can testify that it leaves my skin feeling rejuvenated. It helps to stabilize the natural pH of the skin which heals it from damage caused by cuts, insects bites, and ultra violet rays. My whole family uses My Body Green lotion and has seen positive results. It sped up the healing process of insect bites and helped to heal cracked skin. It is also 100% biodegradable and eco-friendly which makes this lotion popular among people who are environmentally conscious.


Jatropha is a new ingredient that is being included in some of the lotions as an experiment. My mom, Kim Mann, hand delivered this bottle of Jatropha latex from Costa Rica to Edgar. The latex, derived from the Jatropha Curcas tree, is useful for speeding up the healing process.


Their newest experiment is creating soaps. My family is partnering with My Body Green to create natural soaps.

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