Saturday, February 18, 2012

The 12th Annual Orlando Wetlands Festival 2012

SHAPE soaps

Our family non-profit, SHAPE International, was invited to participate in the festival at the Ft. Christmas Historical Park. We sold 58 bars and 34 samples of soap! It was a great success. We enjoyed meeting many people and sharing our projects with them. My dad (in navy blue shirt) had a display of the electrolysis system he takes to Africa to purify water. Also, we showed how the Protos plant stove works. You can lean more about our non-profit at .

florida aquifersNative plant

Some of the booths provided an educational guide to protecting and caring for the environment. The booth to the left shared info on our Florida aquifers. The booth to the right was from the Florida’s Native Plant Society. They had brochures and were selling native plants.

bald eagle

The Audubon Birds of Prey had a booth showcasing three different bird specimens. The Bald Eagle was a big hit and my personal favorite. Below are the other two birds. If you know what they are please share by commenting on this entry.

bird 1

bird 2

This bird was a bit feisty and tried to get away, but could not because of the straps attached to his feet.


miniture pony

Ponies and horses were also at the festival. This one is all dressed up and ready to show off a bit. Other activities included kid’s games, a bounce house, rock wall, and hayrides. Overall, it was a very enjoyable experience and we hope to attend again next year.

The next entry will be on the wetlands tour we went on during the festival. I’m looking forward to sharing it so please visit again next week!

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