Saturday, June 2, 2012

Knitting Project in Haiti


knitting ladies

My dad and I went  to Haiti April 28 – May 4. It was my first time going there. We stayed at the Eben-Ezer Mission in Gonaives for the duration of the trip. While we were there, I was able to teach the ladies in the orphanage how to create cell phone holders by knitting with plastic grocery bags. The children helped by cutting the bags into strips and tying them together. While in Haiti, I also worked for three days on an agriculture/permaculture project. To see that blog entry go to 


The children and I worked together to make the plastic yarn.



This lady is sewing the cell phone holder together.


The small children at the orphanage were full of laughter and joy. We had so much fun building a house out of cardboard. It is amazing what a difference you can make just by being present.


While in Haiti, I went to two different churches to present the different hand crafts that I make. When we go back in spring, I will continue to teach different skills. Our family is also hosting Judith Emilien from Haiti to come to Orlando to receive training in running a small business, learning various crafts, pottery, sewing. She will take home what she learns to share with women in the co-op. If you would like to support this endeavor go to

Knitted Recycled Grocery Bags


In 2009, I created my own pattern for handbags by recycling grocery bags. It takes 50 grocery bags for each purse. The handles are made by recycling various bread bags, mulch bags, and even disposable rain coats. Each hand bag is a unique design and takes 8 hours or more to complete. My latest recycled creations are water bottle and cell phone holders.

Knitting has been one of my passions since my grandma taught me when I was eight. Since then, I have taught many young children this ancient art and was excited when offered the chance to teach Haitian ladies how to create cell phone bags out of grocery bags. To help fund my trips, I have started to sell my “Elizabeth's Secret Garden” line of recycled projects. To support my work, you can purchase one of my bags.

To order bags, contact Elizabeth Mann at:

Handbags for donation of $25
Water bottle holder: $10 donation
Cell phone holder: $5 donation

Shipping is $5

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