Wednesday, February 20, 2013

“Nature at its Best,” Yosemite National Park, CA


Yosemite is a natural wonder that takes the ordinary and makes it extraordinary. Waterfalls, granite cliffs, and even the trees are taken to new heights.  In Yosemite resides the largest living thing on  earth! It is not an animal or beast, but a tree. The Giant Sequoia is among the tallest, widest, and has the longest life span of any organism! The Giant Sequoia that ranks in first place is named General Sherman with a height of 274.9 feet (83.8 m) and a circumference of 102.6 feet (31.3 m). Their astounding dimensions are enough to humble any human.





Mariposa Grove is an excellent foot trail to take if you desire to experience seeing the Giant Sequoias. There are 500 mature Giant Sequoias that grow in this area.




Hiking trails and roads provide more scenic views.


There is no price tag that can be placed on the beauty that is unleashed within Yosemite. We cannot even begin to put a number value on it. Currently it is being protected. It was the first land to be set aside in the United States for preservation. It was established October 1st, 1890. It’s popularity has grown to receive more than 3.7 million visitors annually. I wish we had this same respect and prestige for more of the forests and nature that make the US beautiful and unique.

Many of California’s state parks are facing the possibility of closing! Please check out the following sites and research how you can take action to save them.

Traveling Tip: Check the weather, chances of wild fires, and rock falls when planning your trip.

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