Sunday, October 20, 2013

North Carolina State Fair 2013


Giant pumpkins

My family went to the North Carolina State Fair on the second day of it being held. It is October 17 – 27.  Going on a weekday was a good decision. Even then it got really busy as afternoon approached. We were able to look through all the exhibits. This blog entry contains the favorite of the pictures I took since I couldn’t show all 470 of them!

It is hard to pick a favorite part of the fair. The flowers and gardens were beautiful. I loved walking through and looking at all the award winning produce. As you can see behind me and my sister are the award winning pumpkins. The largest one weighed in at 900 pounds. That’s a lot of pumpkin pie! I also show the cakes with their elaborate designs in a photo album. A must see for all you Cake Boss fans. From cash registers to imitation pizza, they were dazzling and surprising. I included the different hand crafts and the vendors dressed in historic period clothing. Of course a fair wouldn’t be complete without animals. My brother, Joshua was thrilled to look through the hundred plus bunnies and I was thrilled to capture them through photography! For those who have been to the fair, please leave me a comment and share with all my readers your favorite part.

The Flower & Gardens

Flower and gardens


Garden display


The Food


Doesn’t these double doozie apples make your mouth water?


We were able to walk through the produce after judging took place.


My favorites were the potato pig and Despicable Me character made out of pumpkin and complete with a pair of jeans. Now all he needs is cow boy boots and a hat to fit in with the NC State Fair crowd!

The beautiful cakes. Please click to view them.


We walked through the Best in Show winners of arts and crafts. Below is another album with some of the pieces.

Historical Hand Crafts

Basket weaving

Basket weaving 

Basket weaving


Carving out the Lord’s Last Supper out of wood.

Making corn husk dolls    

Making corn husk dolls.


This lady did intricately detailed cards which she hand drew and painted.  

154-IMG_1460Grist mill

The grist mill came up with a wonderful strategy to draw crowds inside. They offered free hush puppies. You should have seen the line! Of course we couldn’t resist. Okay, who would refuse the offer of free hush puppies freshly fried right before your eyes?

The Animals

 Milking station

A clever set up involving a milking station for $2 a person geared towards us city folks who have never milked a cow.


Even cows need a bath and rinse down.


The grand finale of our trip was going through the exhibit by the Eastern Carolina Rabbit Breeders Association. We arrived at 9:00 just so we could this exhibit. When we got there, they said come back at 12:00 because of judging . When we got there again, they said, "Well, now the judging will be done by 2:00." Finally, we got to see them! It was a key attraction for us because my brother wants to raise rabbits when we finishing developing our SHAPE Eco Farm in Wake Forest, NC. We named it SHAPE Eco Farm after our non-profit SHAPE International.  SHAPE stands for “Sharing Hope and Peace on Earth.”

Our non-profit:

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