Friday, June 20, 2014

How to Turn Wood Pallets into Compost Bins



After the construction of our modular home, we were left with several wood pallets. Most people would disregard them and consider them trash, but we looked at them and saw a potential treasure. A treasure because they would save us money. Who would pass that up? When I see those pallets I think of the saying,“A penny saved is a penny earned.” – Benjamin Franklin. And just like that “ka ching” money saved that can be put towards the next project on SHAPE Eco Farm.


Here is my sister standing next to our reclaimed wood pallets. You can find wood pallets by approaching a construction site and taking them off there hands. I’m sure they would oblige quickly because that is one last thing they have to haul off to the dump.


Assembling these compost bins was a snap. All that is needed is people (most importantly), screws, wood pallets, and a drill. We have  a saying around our house, “If you want to eat, you got to work.” It has worked well for us thus far.


We have four “bins” on each side which took a total of 18 wood pallets to build. One side is for compost and the other works well for storage. We neatly put scrap wood, pots, and cardboard in those slots. I even have a slot for my worm bin.


Ah, freshly harvested compost full of microorganisms and worms. This is the life and breath of a garden. Healthy soils = healthy plants. There is such a satisfaction from knowing you are giving back and helping in the efforts for environmental sustainability instead of always taking. God gave us this earth and there is only one so we need to do our best to keep it running. Once nonrenewable resources are gone they’re gone. I mean I could be wrong and some genius come along and invent a way to replenish them, but why take that chance?

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