Monday, September 21, 2015

A World Without Butterflies



When you see a butterfly, what do you feel? Do you feel happiness? Maybe even a sense of peace? Now, consider for a moment a world without butterflies. Would the world really be all that different? Yes, the world would go on, but at what cost? When we skip the recycle bin for the sake of convenience or use paper plates because its been a long day, we are living in the present and not considering the future. The choices we make effect the whole environment and especially the butterfly. The butterfly is such a fragile creature and it truly reflects the health of an environment. The slightest shift can cause a decrease in the butterfly’s population. We grab round-up instead of old fashioned weed pulling just to save some time, but do we consider the fact that our laziness could decimate a population in our local area. I get passionate when I speak of such things. To think that the choices I make every day really do effect all creatures large and small. You see, I really want you all to feel the disparity of us ridding the world of butterflies. If they do go extinct, there is no one to blame, but ourselves. Each year, we see less and less until one day not a single one may be left. What a shame that would be, but only if we let that happen. I believe that you like me will do everything possible to keep that from happening.


I will not give up until I’ve made every possible effort in conserving the butterfly. You see, when we start caring about the butterfly, we start caring about a lot of other things. We start thinking about the plants and trees that are essential to butterflies to complete their life. God has used the butterflies in many ways to start me on a journey that is passionate about inspiring people to take action. I pray it takes me on many other journeys that goes far beyond just butterflies. My mom has been taking me to libraries in North Carolina to share this passion about butterfly conservation. It has really been a blessing to meet people that are also concerned about butterflies. If you are interested in how to help butterflies, please leave me a comment or check out my book.

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