Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Knitting Scarves for the Homeless

Another hobby I have is knitting. My dad participates in a homeless ministry and I decided to help by knitting scarves for the homeless. My nine year old brother, Joshua and my sister Andrea decided to help me with knitting scarves. I was very glad for their help! We have eight scarves so far.



For this scarf I used the “seed stitch” to create little bumps in the material. As you can see the birds think it makes a great nest. 


“Detective Joshua” is prepared for the winter months! I used a knitting pattern that makes the scarf look like a woven material.


Joshua loves to pretend to be an old man. Our Grandpa Leeper carved a cane out of a vine for Joshua to use. If you would like to knit scarves for the homeless you can send them to me.

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  1. Elizabeth
    I also am making scarves for the homeless. My goal is to have 100 scarves by winter... I don't think I will need them all for my area (kansas) . If I have extra I will send them to you...
    God Bless