Friday, August 13, 2010

Book Review of “Elizabeth’s Secret Garden” A Study of Butterflies in North America

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“Elizabeth’s Secret Garden” A Study of Butterflies in North America, describes the life cycles of 10 species of North American butterflies including the Monarch, Queen, Cloudless Sulphur, White Peacock, and more. The book takes readers on several tours of butterfly gardens and conservatories in Florida. It also explains how to raise butterflies using inexpensive, readily found supplies. The photos in Elizabeth’s book are from her own personal photo collection. The book includes detailed  descriptions of butterflies, host plants, common butterfly diseases and predators. To adapt the book for the classroom or homeschoolers, 10  pages for children have been included. The discovery pages include, color in photo, questions, facts such as range, and host plant of the butterfly. Overall the book has 55 pages.

 I hope you enjoy this sneak peek of Elizabeth’s new book! You can purchase a download at the following link. 


Colorful pages describe ten different species of butterflies taking you through the journey from the egg all the way to the chrysalis. Learn more about butterfly host plants and how you can start your own butterfly garden with or without a yard! You will get to see Elizabeth’s very own butterfly garden on wheels and learn how to make your own portable butterfly pavilion.


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Detective Joshua 1 Experience facts, fun, and mystery as Detective Joshua explores the world of butterflies. Detailed photographs portray the information He discovers.                                                                           

Coloring page

IMG_2186 Kids can join Artist Andrea on each discovery page and color in multiple butterflies. Elizabeth’s downloadable book makes printing off discovery pages easy for use in schools or at home.

 You can purchase a download of “Elizabeth’s Secret Garden” A Study of Butterflies in North America, at the following link for $4.99.

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