Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Eduardo Acosta of CR Visits “Elizabeth’s Secret Garden”

Mr. Acosta is the author of the Hope book. He stopped by “Elizabeth’s Secret Garden” to give us a private review of his story Hope. Hope is about a turtle who endures hardship as its environment in the thermal convection dome off of Costa Rica's shoreline is being destroyed by over fishing and pollution. Even with this destruction, there is still Hope who continues to survive. This Spanish book is a great example of the environmental issues we continue to struggle with today, but all we have to do is take action to correct the problem.

HOPE website: http://www.epicisland.org/ 

IMG_6919 ed 1

I have enjoyed going on tours of Mr. Acosta’s Jatropha plantation in Costa Rica so we invited him for a visit of my secret garden.

My visit to Mr. Acosta’s farm in Costa Rica:  http://elizabethssecretgarden.blogspot.com/2010/03/jatropha-plantation-tour-in-tarcoles.html

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  1. So many people ask why I am so concerned with my ecology ideals of restoring the land around me. They fail to understand how long it takes for this to happen, as with the rest of our world we harm.A charmng post, I always enjoy reading what you offer.