Friday, October 22, 2010

Long & Scott Farm in Zellwood, Florida

Scott's Country Store

Photo above shows my dad and me standing with the owner.

Long & Scott farm in Zellwood, Florida is a great trip for the family this fall season. The farm offers hay rides, group farm tours, fishing for kids, and the popular Corn Maze. At the market and garden shop there is a variety of locally grown crops to choose from including the popular Zellwood Sweet Corn. Pumpkins are now in season and are sold at the market. Local eggs, jellies, and home made butter by the Amish is available for purchase. You can check out prices and schedules at their website, 


When stopping by Scott’s Country Market don’t forget to grab a bag of Zellwood Sweet Corn. There was enough corn in our bag to feed us and a few of our neighbors!


Pumpkins and other seasonal decorations are being sold for the fall season.

hay ride

Taking a hay ride on the Sweet Corn Express is just one of the many attractions at the farm. It is open on the weekends and takes a 15 to 20 minute ride around part of the farm.


Sliding down this 60 foot slide is a memorable experience. This is the first farm I’ve visited that had a slide!

zellwood mascot 

Posing with the Zellwood mascot.


Every fall in the months of October and November, Scott’s Corn Maze opens. Each year the maze is a different themed design created out of 12 foot tall corn stalks. This year’s them is “Fresh from Florida”.  The corn maze is a work of art that becomes an adventure as visitors try to find their way through the maze. Getting lost is just part of the fun.

Visitors can purchase tickets to either the six acre Corn Maze or the half-acre Mini Corn Maze depending on how long you wish to spend conquering the maze. The maze is educational and interactive with questions to answer by finding clues among the corn. See the maze at the following link 

Elizabeth’s Secret Garden” hopes everyone enjoys this fall season and has a Happy Harvest.

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