Friday, October 1, 2010

Wild Animal Safari in Pine Mountain, GA

wild life safari

The Wild Animal Safari is an unique experience. We were all stimulated with excitement as we tried to visualize driving through a safari in our own vehicle. We have a few hoof marks as proof of our tour! For those who don’t want to drive through in their own vehicle, you can rent a Zebra Van (7 or 15 passengers) or take the guided tour bus (seasonal). After purchasing your tickets and getting some animal treats, the adventure is ready to begin. So buckle your seat belts and prepare to get slobbered!

feeding deer llama

The park is 200 acres with 3 1/2 miles of paved road. Along the way you can expect to see a variety of exotic and native animals. Just be sure not to feed the ostrich and zebras cause they do bite. Most of the animals are friendly and are use to being fed by humans. Giraffes might even walk up to your car to get a treat. You can also expect to see rhinos, tigers, bison, and camels. Note: Animals in the cat family and those on the wilder side are kept behind bars. 

american bison car wash

We were surprised when we passed an American bison laying on the side of the path. It was huge! Oh, and even better was our shock when a Texas Longhorn began to sway its head by our car. My mom and brother were wailing as it just barely missed us. Thankfully we made it past and now laugh at our experience.


Another comical occurrence was watching a pot-belly pig run towards our car on its stubby little legs! I’ve never seen a pig run so fast. I still laugh sometimes when I think about it. We had to throw treats our the window since it couldn’t reach. There was one big pig though that managed to reach our window by putting two of its hooves on our window sill. It was quite a feat for a pig.

Pine Mountain Wild Animal Park

We also went through the walk-about which was like that of a typical zoo setting. You can see primates, kangaroos, black bears, alligators, and more.

peacock   animal

My favorite animal was the peacock that wandered around the exhibits. It jumped into the bunny exhibit to snatch some food. I thought that was quite amusing. The picture to the right is Patagonian Cavy. They are large rodents that are common in the Patagonian steppes of Argentina, but also inhabits other parts of South America such as Paraguay. They feed on grass and other plants in the wild.

Before leaving, you can stop at the gift shop for some souvenirs and they also have the Safari Cafe where they sell fast foods. Below is my video of our tour of the Wildlife Animal Safari.

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  1. Interesting tour, I like driving through areas with critters but never have seen them so pushy.It was fun to feed them also, how many times do you get to feed a Cape Buffalo?