Friday, April 20, 2012

Fiesta in the Park 2012 at Lake Eola in Downtown Orlando, FL

lake Eola

Lake Eola is a nice place to visit in downtown Orlando because of its attractive surroundings and natural feel. The park provides recreation for families and is a fun area to experience seeing swans. Lake Eola is known for its swans and even has swan-shaped paddle boats that are available for rent. The park hosts different festivals yearly such as Fiesta in the Park. This year the Spring Fiesta was April 14-15 and there will be another one November 3-4. Below are pictures that I took while we walked the .9 path that makes a circle around the lake.


The festival attracts various venders such as artists, crafters, and food vendors. There is so much to choose from since there are up to 200 venders that participate!


Sam Knowles is a chainsaw artist with an eye for transforming logs and tree stumps into works of art. The eagle above is just one of his many creations. You can view his portfolio on his website.


Ancestral Memory is a business who’s aim is to reclaim African cultural practices which have been abandoned or are in danger of being lost and forgotten. They offer lectures and children’s interactive programs. This gifted gentlemen was demonstrating the art of creating musical instruments.


This booth was attractive to me because of my love for plants. There were so many different bonsai trees along with other small plants.IMG_5247

This one reminds me of a bear with ears! It gave me a laugh when I first saw it.

IMG_5244little apples 

This little Bonsai tree looks like it has apples on it.

Nature at Lake Eola


The nature that surrounds the park, like these cypress trees, make it appealing to people that enjoy nature. It is a nice place to enjoy lunch with family.


The swans are one of the reasons I love going to Lake Eola. It reminds me of the book “The Ugly Duckling” that I used to read as a child. They may be ugly when young, but they turn into such beautiful birds!

swan sleeping 

This one is protecting its nest.

Black swan

Black swans also share the water at Lake Eola.


snapping turtle 

If this turtle could talk, I’m sure it would say “Don’t mess with me or I’ll take a snap at you.” Snapping turtles are not to be messed with unless you want to be lacking one finger!

At Earth Fest on April 28, South Seminole Farm and Nursery will have a booth and my book will be there if you want to stop by. To learn more about Earth Fest, you can click on the following link.

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