Friday, April 27, 2012

Winter Park Community Urban Farm


The Winter Park Urban Farm is an urban farming experiment in the heart of Winter Park, FL. The Urban Farm’s mission is “to take a vacant residential lot in Winter Park and convert its fallow land into a productive garden.” Tia Meer is the owner of her own property called the Econ Farm and also one of the main leaders behind this project. She has taken her love of organic farming and sustainability as she works to turn this piece of land into a productive garden. Volunteers are welcome to help sustain this project.

Visit the Winter Park Urban Farm website to learn more.


Welcome to the Urban Farm!


Various plants are grown on the property. Young seedlings quickly turn into productive vegetables when given care. On the left is Dinosaur Kale and Asian Cucumber is on the right.


This netting hanging from wire makes a nice trellis for beans and other climbing plants. It is both useful and portable.


My sister and I worked together to pick beans.


It is surprising how many beans you can pick from a reasonably sized garden patch. We took home a bag and they tasted great. It is fun and rewarding to have a garden where you can simply walk outside to gather produce for meals.

My “Secret Garden”

lighter garden

My garden continues to grow. The wildflower bed is filling up, the tomatoes are producing, I’ve picked several cucumbers, harvested many salads from my garden, and my eggplants are finally producing after receiving hand pollination. I will be leaving for Haiti tomorrow and will share pictures and stories when I return. My dad and I will be doing garden projects along with other things. I’ll keep you posted on all my adventures and discoveries.

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  1. Do many good things and be safe in Haiti. Kathy H