Thursday, August 23, 2012

International Museum of the Horse Lexington, KY


The International Museum of the Horse offers several shows, attractions, and activities. They have many exhibits, collections, and sculptures that bring to life the story of horses. In the lobby of the International Museum of the Horse, is a life size bronze statue of the World Champion Polish Arabian stallion Bask. The sculpture was created by Edwin Bogucki who had an incredible talent in fine art and a love for horses. His story is one of success in which he followed a dream and took action to make it a reality. He forwent a profitable career and pursued a full time career in fine art. To date, he has created 35 bronze portraits and more than a hundred pastel and oil portraits.

horse saying 

Arabia horses

The Al-Marah Arabian Horse Gallery takes visitors through the historical art and artifacts that explain the history of the Arabian horse. The museum shows the early domestication of horses in the Middle East and then takes a tour into the story of how the horse spread across the world to Europe and the United States.


Life size statue, costumes, artifacts, and interactive activities make history come alive.


Moving into Medieval times, the villager conquers the knight.

baby horse mama horse

We had fun watching a presentation of miniature ponies. Mama and baby ponies were part of the show.


Several large display cases showed a multitude of awards and trophies that have been received by riders.


The museum depicts the daily life of horses. The Equine Hospital is a necessity when it comes to raising horses. They say “an apple a day keeps the doctor away.” Does that apply to horses too?


One of the barns showed the different carts and plows that have been used with draft horses in the past. My brother, Joshua, plays the part of the farmer.

 skeleton wagon 

Carriages from ancient to more recent times are showcased in the museum. My personal favorite was the Skeleton Wagon.


Miniatures brought light how great a help horses have been for us.

Ending on a funny note…


I enjoyed sharing this tour with you. Have a great week!

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