Saturday, August 11, 2012

Research and Demonstration farm Kentucky State University


The Kentucky State University has a varieties of graduate studies and programs. I was impressed with the environmental conservation efforts that KSU is striving towards. They offer a Masters in Environmental Studies and have an entire demonstration and research farm that allows interns to experience farm life first hand.  I was able to tour their 203 acre farm along with members of the Northern Nut Growers Association. Their farm conducts research in a series of greenhouses (above), the barn, and staff office buildings.

Kentucky State University;
Organic Working Agriculture group at KSU; 


The Research and Demonstration Farm is a model for small farmers and serves in education of KSU students. As they support local farmers, they in return help the local people and increase the health standards placed on food. To achieve this ideal standard, eight acres are specifically devoted to the growth of organic crops.  These acres are put to maximum use as they are used for education and a variety of projects. Such projects include,  Heritage vegetable seed saving, Sweet sorghum for syrup,  and an on-farm bioethanol production.

 bioethanol IMG_6341

The EFuel100 Microfueler is the mechanism that takes sweet sorghum, sweet potato, and waste trees fruits and transforms them into a usable product that tackles the need for renewable fuel. It processes high-carbohydrate was products and takes them through the stages of fermentation, distillation, purification, fuel blending, and into a pumping unit.


There is a 12-acre farm that possesses fruit and small fruit production. Peach, apples, grapes, and blackberries, are integrate into the farm. They are not all organic, but they still are an important part of the farm.


Grape orchards are lined in neat rows. After trying the grapes at KSU, I was deeply satisfied with the quality of taste that exceeded far above grocery bought grapes. The red ones were small, but sweet. The green ones were a little sour, but still delicious.

dwarf apples

Both dwarf and regular size apples are grown. Above are the dwarf apples.

june bugs

June bugs were dead everywhere! The ones that were alive were busy at consuming peaches on the trees and fallen ones.

blackberry flowers   

Primocane fruiting blackberry varieties are part of the study being held this year. Thornless, thorny, and thronless-trailing varieties are all being studied. The blackberries also fall under the organic standards.


I hoped you enjoyed learning about KSU and their Research and Demonstration Farm. I enjoyed sharing it with you and hope you get the chance to visit as well. Thanks for visiting! My next blog entry will continue my tours in Kentucky.