Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Pottery Showcase in Seagrove, NC

Seagrove, NC may be small, but it has a great reputation for being the “Pottery Capitol of the United States.” It has many potters that are passionate about the artistic pieces they create. Pottery in Seagrove traces back to the 18th century when English and German immigrants settled in the surrounding area. This ancient art began to spread as Seagrove potters passed their knowledge down to children and interested apprentices. Also, the community colleges began offering ceramic art classes. About 100 pottery shops and galleries now extend across Seagrove, NC and neighboring towns. Many stretch across Hwy 705 which is the official “NC Pottery Highway.” (See picture at end of blog entry.)

The pictures below are pictures I took while at the Seagrove Pottery Festival. I selected photos of my favorite pieces  from 5 different pottery artists. My next blog entry will show some of the stores I visited with my family.

Pottery Pieces by Doris Petersham
Doris receives her inspiration from African textile designs. She has traveled overseas and taught at several Universities in the US. She displays great talent and loves what she does. As I talked with her, I could tell that she is passionate about creating pottery and sharing this skill with others.
Contact through e-mail: dpetersham@rivercto.net


          08-IMG_8599                   11-IMG_8603


     10-IMG_8602                     09-IMG_8601 

Pottery by Piney Woods Pottery
As stated on their website, “They are well-known across the country for their specialty in creating angels, dogwoods, roses, magnolias, and other decorative three-dimensional pottery.” Their ceramic plates are beautiful and unique.
Their website is http://www.pineywoodspottery.net 




Pottery by Country Hearts Pottery
Country Hearts Pottery captured my attention because I love gardening and love their whimsical creative appeal. These pieces are well suited for making any garden or home beautiful. I believe they deserve recognition for the creativity that went into each one.  
Contact at dixon1779@hotmail.com



country hearts potteryIMG_8620 

Phil Morgan Pottery, World Famous Master Potter
Phil Morgan’s piece’s are created by using a rare glazing technique. He uses a crystalline glaze that is embedded with crystals! The finished product shimmers and sparkles with an elegant appeal. As stated on his website, “Phil Morgan’s pieces have been featured in national publications, presidential collections and museums around the world. Phil has appeared on ABC TV’s Good Morning America and on CTV's Good Morning Canada.” These are great accomplishments!
Website: http://philmorganpottery.net/



Lantern Hill Pottery
Lantern Hill Pottery has showcased their pottery in 8 different states and received many awards for their artistry. They offer custom designs for pieces desired for gifts or events.   
Website:  http://www.lanternhillpottery.com/




Pottery Highway

I hope you enjoyed this glimpse into “The Pottery Capitol of the United States.” North Carolina is my new home so I will be sharing my adventures in this beautiful state. Keep a look out for my next entry that will feature pottery stores in the area!

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