Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Maggidan's Minis Animal Farm



My family has taken an interest in farm animals since we are in the process of creating SHAPE Eco Farm. Our farm is a family project and has a goal of sustainability. Since we want to leave as many trees standing as possible, miniature animals just seemed to fit in with what we are doing. Surprisingly, we met Dan Dawson at the postage office and then set up a trip to Dan Dawson and Maggie Leman’s farm called Maggidan’s Minis. Their main focus is Pygmy Goats, but they also have a few Giant Flemish rabbits. As you will see below, the rabbits are worthy of such a name.


Maggie and Dan have been raising Pygmy Goats since 1992 and they are registered with The National Pygmy Goat Association or NPGA for short. They started showing their Pygmy Goats that same year at the North Carolina State Fair and have some champion goats as a result.

Maggidan’s Minis Website  http://www.maggidans.com 

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Dan had to chase down the Flemish Giant so my brother could pet it. Joshua’s ambition at our farm is to raise rabbits. He will probably start out with a smaller breed, but it gives him something to work towards.




Flemish Giants

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Pygmy Goats are social animals and should be kept in groups. Failing to do so could result in a stressed goats and an awful lonesome one too. There are a few things to keep in mind before you dash off to buy one. First, (and very wise step) be sure that livestock are allowed in your city limits. You may rationalize that they are pets, but your neighbors or home owner associations may believe other wise. Second, protection, protection, protection. If you have animals, predators will come and it is best to take necessary action. Also important is providing good quality hay even though grain is the easier route think of it as candy and not the main dish. Mineral supplements are also needed just like we require vitamins from our diets or in a supplement form.

Once you get the basics covered, you can enjoy your new pets. They supply healthful high butterfat milk for those who want to try their hand at it. As a matter of fact, Dan Dawson invented a hand-milking device. The goat’s milk can used for baking and even soap making. If you’ve been wanting a farm animal, but want a smaller breed, you may want to look into raising some Pygmy Goats.


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