Monday, January 13, 2014

The Start of a New Adventure, SHAPE Eco Farm is Born


My family has begun a new endeavor. The creation of a sustainable farm where we will live, offer classes, workshops, and experience homesteading. Everyone has dreams, goals, and ambitions, but what if those dreams actually happened. What if the future became brighter because you decided to step out in faith. When we act on a dream, we never know what will happen. We may face uncertainty and fears, but how can we be successful unless we try? Once we take that initial step, the succeeding ones become easier. My seminary teacher used a simple illustration. She said faith is like a flashlight. The beam is short and we must take one step at a time, but as we follow that light it will lead us safely to the other side.

Being a city girl, I never dreamed of actually starting a farm. Let me repaint what you typically see as a farm. It is not a clear pasture land with just animals or a monoculture of row crops. It is a 5 acre piece of land with a home for our family of 5 and a barn. We will be starting a garden and we’ve already started a fruit orchard. We will be raising chickens and rabbits. We are not farmers and are definitely not pros at this, but we want to help out the community by offering a place where kids and adults can experience a taste of a farm with a more urban approach.


Our home was not built on site. It was brought in on wheels. Yes, you heard that right. Our home was made in a factory. Not your typical picture of home construction. It is a modular home brought by truck in three sections. Each section is lifted by crane and sat on a foundation. It is not a task to be taken lightly and by no means a stress free experience. To see your home flying through the air is one of those once in a life time experiences.


Our home was moved by a “House Tug”. It was a remote controlled gizmo that maneuvered our home up a steep driveway. It did get stuck in the clay and had to be moved by crane.


To get the trailer up the driveway, the workmen laid out boards.


It was a tight fit and it seemed to be with not an inch to spare.


Up, up, and away! The second section was lifted up even higher than the first. It then had to be spun all the way around so it would be going in the right direction.


With the plastic drawn back, you can see right inside the house.


Section number two being laid down. The last section was my brother and sisters bedroom.


Our home is on the foundation and as you will notice the door is very high. We had to use a ladder to get in!


My brother and I got to sit in the crane that took our home for a spin.


The view of our front porch.


They covered our home to end the day. The tarp is necessary until they pop up the roof and complete the work. Yes, the roof literally pops up. That is the neat part of a modular home. More is yet to come!

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  1. Seeing your house finally getting in shape is really exciting. And once the roof has been installed, the long wait will pay off. Just like you, I can’t wait to see the final result.

    Joann @