Monday, October 19, 2009

Breeding White Peacocks Inside My Butterfly Pavilion

White Peacock on my finger

When my five White Peacocks emerged from their chrysalises, I placed them inside my butterfly pavilion that my parents built me. To see the measurements for my butterfly pavilion and how it was built visit .

I created this video about my pavilion so you can see the butterflies I am breeding inside.


My butterfly breeding was successful! I discovered a cluster of eggs inside my pavilion laid by my White Peacocks. Now I will wait and see if they hatch.

My Butterfly Poem “Heavenly Wings” 

Heavenly Wings
Up to heaven a butterfly flies
Carrying with it silent cries
Flapping wings to dry the tears
And bring hope to those so dear
On its wings it carries love
As a gift to those up above
Now that its journey is done
Healing hearts has just begun

Author: Elizabeth Mann

See my poem on Shady Oaks web site.

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  1. Hey Elizabeth I found your blog searching for examples of butterfly exhibits for my design class. Just thought I would leave a note that I admire your passion for butterflies!
    Keep up the good work!