Monday, October 5, 2009

My Visit To BrookGreen Gardens in South Carolina


BrookGreen Gardens are located near Myrtle Beach, SC.  They are open to the public throughout the year. BrookGreen  is one of the top 10 gardens in America. It is the home of beautiful sculptures, fountains, and gardens of flowers. Please join me as I search for different species of butterflies and look for me posing among the sculptures. 

IMG_1905 IMG_1927


BrookGreen Garden has a large collection of sculptures placed though out the gardens. Can you find me in the picture?



This small Long-tailed Skipper was drawn out of the sky when it spotted these yellow zinnias.


While searching for the next garden we came to this “Secret Courtyard” entrance. Beyond these archways is a fountain flowing with water.


After walking through the mysterious archways we entered a sanctuary for butterflies. These gardens are a butterfly paradise of nectar rich plants used for nourishment. This Palamedes Swallowtail is enjoying the clustered flowers of Pentas. Pentas are a wonderful plant to include in your butterfly garden. They attract a variety of Swallowtails, Brush-footed butterflies, Monarchs, and even Skipper butterflies.


This Giant Swallowtail is basking on light pink Pentas. Basking is a term used for butterflies who open their wings to absorb the sun’s heat. The Penta flowers surrounding the Giant Swallowtail butterfly are like colorful candy to a butterfly because they are rich in nectar.


What plant do you think I found this Gulf Fritillary on? Pentas!


This skipper chose to rest while the other butterflies fluttered about.


When I turned around and spotted this Giant spider, about 9 cm, I almost passed out! In Florida we don’t have such huge specimens. This spider is hoping that a butterfly will make a mistake and land in its web. What a tasty meal for a hungry spider!


I found an orange Gulf Fritillary enjoying these flowers.

The Thinking Monkey IMG_1928

The Thinking Monkey and pig sculpture made me laugh.


I loved walking through Live Oak Alee’. These Live Oak trees are 250 years old. They are covered in moss and are enjoyed by people and squirrels.

The BrookGreen Gardens also houses the Lowcountry Zoo. These animals are native animals and are being cared for because of injury that keeps them from being able to survive in the wild. In my next posting I will show pictures of the creatures I saw during my visit. I will also show you the rice plantations and what the Cypress Swamps looked like before they were cleared away.

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