Sunday, October 11, 2009

BrookGreen Gardens and Zoo in South Carolina


Lowcountry trail and zoo In my last posting I showed you pictures of my tour of BrookGreen gardens . Now I will show  you my journey through the Lowcountry trail and then the Lowcountry Zoo in BrookGreen gardens.



The land that BrookGreen Gardens resides today housed 2,000 slaves on four plantations. The trees were cleared by hand in the swamp areas to grow rice. African slaves were forced to work on the plantations. Imagine what they suffered as the sun beat down on them and the mosquitoes. The canal in the distance was hand dug for irrigation and to transport the rice by boat.

The Lowcountry Zoo in BrookGreen Gardens

The following are some of the animals I saw during my visit.

Canada Goose



River Otter


River otter

Bald Eagle


bald eagle

Barred Owl



At the end of the trail I came across this gentleman reading The Costa Rica News. He was reading my article about the Blue Morpho butterfly. 


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