Thursday, March 4, 2010

Internet Access in the Costa Rica Jungles 1/15/10 Part 4


Many of my blog readers are probably wondering how I was able to post my first two blog entries in the middle of the Costa Rica jungle. Well it was not an easy task! For my first trip to the internet, we hitched a ride in the back of an old pickup truck. It was pitch dark and we were riding backwards on a bumpy dirt road on the edge of a mountain.

Our destination for the internet connection was a school building out in the jungles. I was quite surprised when I realized we would be connecting to the internet on the outside, in the pitch dark, with only a small flashlight! The connection was a broken cable extending from the outside wall. After we checked for scorpions under the table and chairs, we plugged in and were thrilled that it worked. Our mini Dell laptop screen served as a light, but we quickly learned that the disadvantage was it attracted the night wildlife. They could see us, but we could only hear them! About this time our host decided to go pickup his motorcycle he had left at a neighbors house.

So here we are in the pitch dark with no form of protection. About the time our confidence had returned, we heard the crunching of leaves in the distance. With one hand my mom was squeezing my arm tightly and with the other hand she waved the baby flashlight thinking that the light would scare the crunching predator away. For once I was the prey instead of the predator! The crunching continued to get louder and louder. After what seemed to be an eternity, we finally heard the roar of a motorcycle in the distance. The sound was music to our ears! Obviously I survived because I am writing this blog entry.

The pictures below were taken on the second 15 minute walk to the school building. This time it was in the daylight and we were accompanied by two dogs !

colorful insect Insect

skipper 2 skipper 

Elizabeth’s Travel Tips: Don’t go out after dark without a VERY large flashlight and a dog!


Above is my new friend, Bamboo, Queen of the Jungle. The other dog I befriended was Mojo.

I leave for Costa Rica again in one week!

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