Friday, March 26, 2010

Plinio Hotel, Park, & Restaurant in Manuel Antonio, Costa Rica


On January 18th our tour took us to Manuel Antonio, Costa Rica. My mom and I stayed at the enchanting Plinio Hotel. The hotel includes a restaurant, bar, pool, and its own private nature park. The open aired hotel is built up on a hill side and feels like a large tree house.


The restaurant specializes in Thai food, but also has a delicious Tico (the name referring to Costa Ricans) specials. My favorite drink was the mango smoothie which was a great energy boost!


The atmosphere at the hotel was very relaxing with the hammocks, rocking chairs, and pool. I enjoyed writing in my journal while swaying in the hammock.

Hotel Plinio Nature Park

IMG_4447 Red Ginger

One of the main reasons my mom chose this hotel was so we could enjoy the free nature park. We also wanted to be close to Manuel Antonio National Park. Though Manuel Antonio National Park was close by, it was still necessary to take a bus.


This tree housed a family of black vultures within its interior. My mom happened upon the father vulture and I’m not sure who was shocked the most!

IMG_4504 IMG_4487

The “Mother in Law’s Plant” hosted a spiny Saddleback caterpillar. I didn’t dare touch the caterpillar because the spines can inflict a painful sting to the recipient. The caterpillars bright green is a warning sign to viewers to step back.


I enjoyed photographing this unique Saddleback caterpillar in different angles. Its funky spines give it character and interest. I had been wanting to capture a photo of this specimen.

Butterflies, Moths, & Chrysalises in Nature Park

skipper skipper 2

moth butterfly

butterfly chrysalischryalis 2  

Elizabeth’s Traveling Tips: To avoid being spotted by insects and wildlife, so you can get the perfect picture, wear colors found in nature.

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