Monday, March 29, 2010

Manuel Antonio National Park, January 18, 2010


Manuel Antonio National Park is just south of Quepos, Costa Rica. Its beautiful white sand beaches and primary forest makes it one of Costa Rica’s most popular parks. In the tropical humid climate flora and fauna thrive. The sloths, monkeys, and birds make their homes high among the trees. It takes patience to spot the wildlife before they see or hear you.


The beaches at Manuel Antonio are exquisite with their clear blue skies and sparkling waters. As I stood gazing at the scenic oceanfront above, I felt as if I had stepped into a painting. Watching the the supple waters ripple, as they met the land, brought me peace and tranquility. The sounds of gentle waves and children’s laughter entered my ears.



This large iguana was soaking up the sun’s rays when I began to approach.  It was alert to my presence, but was not seriously bothered by my videoing and photographing. I learned that the iguana’s communication consists of various postures, movements, and head bobbing. The iguana above first glared at me and then began viscously bobbing its head as it stared up the tree trunk. I can only imagine what it was saying about me!

Three-toed Sloth

Three-toed Sloth photo courtesy of Todd Liotine.

Along the Sloth trail at Manuel Antonio, I was able to see and video a Three-toed Sloth. The sloth’s slow progression in the tree was entertaining. Watching it creep among the branches was almost suspenseful though, as I wondered if it could complete its journey. Please enjoy my video footage below.

Elizabeth’s Traveling Tips: At the entrance you will encounter tour guides who will try to get you to hire them. This is an additional charge separate then your entrance fee. We opted to go at our own pace and followed the professional photographers who spotted the creatures along the way. (Listening and observing what other people say and see is free!)

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