Thursday, April 22, 2010

Elizabeth Mann Donates Her Butterfly Manuscript to Escuela Las Nubes in Costa Rica 1/20/10

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While touring Costa Rica, I had the honor of donating my manuscript “Elizabeth’s Secret Garden, A Study of Butterflies in North America” to the Las Nubes School. In the picture above is Eduardo Acosta who built Escuela Las Nubes. My manuscript will be kept in the library where all the children and teachers can read and enjoy it. You can watch the video below.



The Las Nubes School is unique in that it has it’s own butterfly pavilion. The school is concerned about the environment and takes care to teach the students about conserving the beauty of Costa Rica.

Red flowers Pink Ginger

Inside the butterfly pavilion, I captured some photos of the flowers grown within. 

Banded Peacock

This is a Banded Peacock butterfly which is a common sight in Costa Rica. Their range is from the southern United States (wanders to Texas), through Mexico, and Central America. The Banded Peacock makes a great subject for photography. The photo above is one of my favorites. Butterfly photography takes practice and patience, so if you are just starting keep trying and you will be pleased with the results as you develop your own skills.

In my next posting I will include videos of a Variegated squirrel and a Golden Orb Spider!

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