Thursday, April 29, 2010

A Fun Day at Escuela Las Nubes in Costa Rica 1/20/10


During my visit to Escuela Las Nubes, I got to experience the pool. After getting tired of just swimming, I decided to take a plunge on the diving board. The diving board has three levels, but I decided it too daring to jump from the highest level and stuck with the first!

Nicole and Elizabeth dog's pool

Nicole Acosta the daughter of the school’s owner and I, both enjoyed the pool. Even the dogs took a splash in the kiddy pool!

Variegated squirrel 

I got to see a Variegated squirrel at the school. Variegated squirrels are found from southern Mexico to Panama. They vary in color from snowy whites with gray, to reddish brown mingled with streaks of gray. They eat a variety of fruits, nuts, and vegetation such as bamboo. They also eat insects and the eggs of a frog! Variegated squirrels are quite playful as they race up and down Costa Rican trees. I was thrilled to get video footage of Variegated squirrel as it perched upon a thin wire fence.

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