Sunday, April 18, 2010

Escuela Las Nubes in Jaco, Costa Rica 1/20/10


While touring Jaco, Costa Rica, I had the pleasure of visiting the Las Nubes school. Las Nubes is a bilingual school that was built by Mr. Eduardo Acosta. Escuela Las Nubes Review


In the picture with me, is Mr. Eduardo Acosta and his daughter Nicole Acosta. Mr. Acosta is the author of the Hope book. Hope is a story about a turtle who endures hardship as its environment at Cocos Island is destroyed by overfishing and pollution. Even through this destruction, their is still Hope who continues to survive. This Spanish book is a great example of the environmental issues we continue to struggle with today, but we can find courage in knowing there is always hope.

Our family is friends with Mr. Acosta and sponsored 100 of his books to be distributed to school children. As a gift, Mr. Acosta gave me a personally signed Hope book and then a second one signed to my family.


At the entrance to the Las Nubes School is the entrance sign which has the Hope turtle sitting upon a waterfall.


At the school, I was honored to teach a class on butterflies. I also gave out butterfly finger puppets that I had hand made. Below is a video of my presentation.

Elizabeth’s Traveling Tips: The grocery store in Jaco is full of delicious fruits, chocolate coffee, and scrumptious pastries. This is our favorite place to buy souvenirs and T-shirts. For safety reasons, do not walk around Jaco after dark.

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