Friday, May 13, 2011

Gloria’s Jungle Animal Rescue CR


Jo Jo is a white faced capuchin who is part of the animal rescue. He likes to eat fruits, vegetables, and seeds.

My friend, Gloria who started the animal rescue is a zoologist living in the tropical paradise of Costa Rica. She has the medical expertise to work with both domestic and wild animals. When Gloria arrived to Nuevo Arenal in 2000 there were no veterinarians in the community. When she learned that some people in the area were being inhumane in their treatment of street animals by poisoning them for population control, she took over and started a low cost spraying and neutering operation.

Learn more at Gloria’s Jungle Animal Rescue and see how you can make a difference for innocent animals who need treatment.


Gloria has been working with parrots for about 25 years.  Above are the cages the rescued birds call home. The custom designed cages are easy to clean when necessary. Basically a spray from the hose does the job. You can find Gloria on Facebook at  . She has a lot of info and photos there. She is also the author of many articles for :

macaw bird 1

Above is a blue and gold macaw. They are found in the wild in Brazil. His name is "Pasha". He was "raised in captivity" as a baby bird to be sold as a pet. Thankfully they breed well in captivity and are thus far plentiful. Gloria has had him since he was 9 weeks old.

The little brown-hooded parrot is "Nikki". She was almost killed by children with slingshots. It took a major effort (almost 2 months) to save her severely fractured wing. She has her beautiful wing, now completely well, but will never fly because the bones were too damaged.

bird 2 name

This is "Lorita", a Red Loried Amazon. She most likely was a pet that escaped because she could talk, but evidently suffered a broken leg which had healed a bit crooked. Other than that, she is completely healthy and happy like all Gloria’s parrots.

  Costa Rica Flower Album

Orependola nest

Oropendola nests last one season. They look much like woven baskets swaying in the wind. 

dog discovers peek out hole

Though this screen has been replaced many times, Gloria’s Golden Retriever always finds a way to be one with nature!

Elizabeth’s Secret Garden: When around caged animals do not stand too close unless they have no arms!

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