Sunday, May 8, 2011

Nuevo Arenal CR Community Playground

The town of Nuevo Arenal does not have a community playground for the children to play, so I decided to make a difference.

My family has a non-profit called SHAPE International. We are raising $3000 to provide the children with a playground. SHAPE International will match all donations that come in for the play ground!! No amount is too small.

Below, I am teaching English. I lived in Nuevo Arenal for seven weeks and volunteered in the school.



This is the playground at the school where I volunteered. We want to provide the children with a better place where they can play with swings, a see saw and a slide.

imageThese are some of the children in the local school who will be playing on the new play set. My sister Andrea (standing in photo) enjoyed meeting the children.

Above is the site of the future playground. This area is located in the center of town and has been donated by the community to build a play ground (picture below) for all the children in the area.

The children of Nuevo Arenal are always smiling and happy. They spend most of their days outside playing and walking freely around town. There are so many students that half of them come in the morning to classes and the other half come in the afternoon.

Please join me to make a difference for my new friends in Nuevo by contributing to the fundraiser for a new play set.

Thank you,

Elizabeth Mann

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