Friday, May 20, 2011

Lucky Bug Gallery and B&B in Costa Rica


The Lucky Bug B&B, restaurant, and art gallery is one of my favorite stops on the main road to Nuevo Arenal.

Lucky bug 


The Lucky Bug Gallery offers a variety of handmade arts, crafts, decorative ceramics, and paintings. For more info visit 


The Restaurante Caballo Negro has an astonishing array of international vegetarian dishes made with organic ingredients. Many German favorites are also on the menu. 


Collared Aracari


The Bed & Breakfast is housed in the backdrop of the lake. 

hummingbird sipping

The dining patio overlooks a private lake where the tropical birds such as toucans, aricaris, tanagers, woodpackers, hummingbirds, and magpie jays regularly feast at the feeders. This hummer I captured in action as it hovered to sip the sweet liquid in the feeder.


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