Saturday, May 9, 2009

Elizabeth’s “Green” tips

God has given us a beautiful earth to enjoy. It is up to us to take care of it. The earth is like a huge garden. We can choose to destroy it or preserve and take care of it. Below are a few ways you can help keep our planet clean.

1. Instead of using plastic bags at the grocery store switch to fabric bags. They are only a dollar each and are now sold at many stores including Wal-Mart. The fabric bags hold as much has three plastic bags! By using fabric bags you can help keep plastic bags from cluttering our landfills, killing wild life, and using up our fuels. Did you know we use over a million bags per minute?

2. Using reusable stainless steel water bottles is great. Not only will it help keep our environment cleaner but it will save you money. Buying water bottles to take with you for daily outings can add up fast. Sometimes we put our plastic water bottles in the dish washer so we can reuse them. Remember to recycle water bottles when you are done with them.

3. Most of the food we get from the grocery store comes from far away states. For example, in Florida we have a Plant City that sells strawberries, but our grocery store sells strawberries that come all the way from California! That is a lot of gas miles. You can help stop that waste of fuel by buying fruits and vegetables from your local Farmer Markets instead. Our local Farmers Market also sells meat at half the price of the grocery store. Buying vegetables, fruit and meat gives the local farmers income so they don’t have to sell their land to land investors!

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