Thursday, May 14, 2009

Making a Chrysalis

After eating for two weeks, a Monarch caterpillar is big enough to make a chrysalis.

These caterpillars have picked where they will make their chrysalis. After forming a silk pad with their mouths they will stick themselves to it. Then slowly they will release each pair of legs until they look like the letter ‘J’. IMG_0057 IMG_0066
They all made their chrysalises the next day.
Monarch making chrysalis IMG_0062

These caterpillars stayed in a ‘J’ all night before they split their skin. It was amazing watching the green skin start to appear as the caterpillar’s old skin got pushed to the top. Watching the forming of a chrysalis reminds me of what an awesome God we have! My dad made a video of Monarch caterpillar making a chrysalis. It is posted in my video section.

This is what a Monarch chrysalis looks like before it is dry. almost finished making chrysalis Now that it is dry, you can see the gold line and dots on the chrysalis.CloseUp_Chrysalis

My Monarch caterpillars have made their chrysalis in the strangest places. I found them on our roof, gutters, pots, curtains, in dirt, on sticks, leaves, and even attached to my plastic greenhouse! I wonder where I will find them next!

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  1. Hi Elizabeth, I just found your blog while looking at the Shady Oaks website. I teach 2nd grade and we LOVE monarch butterflies too. I will use your site in my classroom to reinforce what we learn ourselves. Thanks for sharing!!
    Yvonne Kelsey
    Winter Haven, FL