Monday, May 25, 2009

My brother is a detective!

IMG_0099 Detective Joshua ( my brother ) is looking for a missing twenty dollar bill. Please join him as he looks for clues and solves other mysteries.


Detective Joshua discovered a frog sitting on our sliding door. This frog must be waiting for a tasty lunch. Could this be a clue?

IMG_0160 Another mysterious creature! This snake was discovered in our bushes. It was trying to make a lunch out of our lizards.


Look at this spider that was in Joshua’s shower! Month’s ago Joshua came running to mom saying “There’s a huge spider in the bathroom”. But when mom got there all she found was a friendly lizard. So we finally found Joshua's HUGE spider , after all.

Joshua old mann

Could this old man be a suspect of the missing money?


This young man looks suspicious. He is wearing one of my recycled knitted plastic bags on his head!


We never found a twenty dollar bill, instead we found a pile of money! Good work detective Joshua.

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