Wednesday, May 20, 2009

How to make your own butterfly pavilion.

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I was in need of a bigger area to raise my butterflies so I wanted to use my birthday money to buy a butterfly enclosure. In my search, I only found one butterfly pavilion that was costly. So my mom went on e-bay and I purchased a pop up screen enclosure for the beach. My mom and I sewed window screening in the bottom to keep unwanted creatures out and wandering caterpillars in! Our home-made butterfly home was a success. Just look at all my new monarchs. I am able to walk in my 6ft x 6ft butterfly pavilion to care for them and take pictures.


 Elizabeth Mann is the winner of caption contest!

I entered a caption contest at

Please click on the link below to see my caption with the picture.

Thank you to all my friends and family that voted for me. I included the paragraph that was posted in the newsletter that announced me as the winner.

My winning caption, "Grab a straw and join me!"

Elizabeth Mann is 15 years old. Elizabeth is a homeschooler, has taken college level courses, and she tutors her brother in third grade. She dances classical ballet at the Russian Academy of Ballet in Orlando, FL.
This spring Elizabeth started researching and raising Monarch butterflies. At present she has around 70 Monarch chrysalises in her new walk-in butterfly pavilion.
To keep her friends and family up to date on her butterfly experiences and research she has developed a blog, Her blog also contains video footage she produced with her father on the "Life Cycle of a Monarch".

Egg Decorating Contest


My latest contest to enter was at my orthodontics, Dr Gittess. (I get my braces of next Thursday!)

They are having an egg decorating contest. I decorated mine to look like a Metalmark butterfly. It took me about three days to finish it. I find out May 29th, who wins the contest!

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